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The company NEMEC WORLD s.r.o. is the main distributor of Kratom alias Mitragyna speciosa for the Czech Republic, Germany and Hungary. We specialise exclusively in the sale of this unique plant in all available processed forms, which we offer both in retail and, above all, in wholesale, trying to satisfy the customer as much as possible according to his wishes.

Our aim is to select the best quality products from all over Asia so that our customers are 100% satisfied. We taste samples from dozens of suppliers that we personally test, and strive to select the highest quality harvests. If the kratom doesn't have the right moisture, colour, clarity, grind, or a high enough level of mitragynine, we are not satisfied.

To find the right supplier, in 2019 we embarked on a working trip to faraway Southeast Asia (the cradle of the plant) with the aim of finding a farm that will meet our high standards for both the quantity purchased and a consistently high-quality product, processed to our specifications under the best possible conditions.

Quality is our top priority, which is why we have every batch tested at the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague (VŠCHT) and receive a quality certificate for every type of kratom (the certificate is automatically added to every order).

Contact for wholesale

NEMEC WORLD s.r.o., Horňátecká 483/8, Kobylisy 182 00, Praha 8.
IČO: 10705961 DIČ: CZ10705961
Ing. Jan Němec - jannemec@kratomworld.cz - +420 602 279 525

Jaroslav Němec - jaroslavnemec@kratomworld.cz - +420 775 992 530

What is kratom?

Kratom, i.e. Mitragyna speciosa, is an evergreen tropical tree from the redbud family - the family includes the coffee tree, cinchona trees or liverworts growing in our country. Today, mainly the leaves of the plant are used, fresh or processed by various drying and fermentation methods. The natural distribution area of the plant is in Southeast Asia - Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and others.

Is kratom legal?

Simply put - YES, IT IS LEGAL. However, it has its "BUT." In the Czech Republic, kratom is not approved as a dietary supplement or food and is therefore only a botanical item. So you can buy it, but only for botanical purposes. Only in Australia, Burma, Vietnam and Malaysia is kratom completely banned. In 1943, kratom cultivation was also banned in Thailand. There it was only legalised again in 2013. Until then, it was the second most commonly used illegal drug here. In January/February 2017, kratom was also banned by the DEA in some US states.

"You can buy kratom, but only for botanical purposes."

If the product is to be sold as "not for human consumption", it is not necessary to seek approval from the Ministry of Agriculture. The above must therefore be taken into account when selling, e.g. by the text (the product is not intended for human consumption. The product is intended for educational/research purposes only). Or indicate other non-food uses.

If the product is sold as 'not for human consumption', a permit from the Ministry of Agriculture is not required. This must therefore be taken into account when selling, e.g. by the text (The product is not intended for human consumption. The product is intended for educational/research purposes only). Or by citing another use of the product, not as a food.


Are you interested in expanding the range of your e-shop or business with our products? Then we are here for you.

We are a direct importer and distributor from South East Asia. You can buy our certified Kratom for interesting wholesale prices, with delivery times within a few days (2-4 working days). We offer premium quality and a personalised approach.


Why should you buy from us?

Own warehouse, top service, wide portfolio
We replenish our stock regularly, the most popular types are always in stock.
We don't keep our stock secret, we approach you personally and always try to accommodate you as much as possible.
We handle all complaints as quickly as possible

Customised packaging:

Don't want to deal with packing/encapsulation? We take care of everything for you. After mutual consultation, we will pack your kratom as per your wish. You can choose from hundreds of different packaging designs:

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