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About our Brand 

Company NEMEC WORLD s.r.o. is the main distributor of Kratom, Mitragyna speciosa, for Czech republic and Europe. We specialize mainly on Kratom products in all forms of processing, which we offer B2C and mainly B2B, where we try to satisfy the customer and do everything as they wish.

Our goal is to search and offer the best possible product from whole Indonesia and keep our customers 100% satisfied. We test samples from tens of suppliers and farmers and visit our farms regularly to keep our standards high. If the Kratom isn't within our high standards, does not meet our criteria in color, taste, pureness, humidity, level of mitragynine and other alkaloids, we won't put it out on the market.

To find the best possible product, we have made a business trip in 2019 to Southeast Asia (Indonesia), which is the main area for Kratom production and processing centre, to find a farm, which would meet all of our criteria and would be able to produce as much product as we need and keeping the quality high at all times.

For our company, quality is number one, when it comes to product. Every batch is tested in laboratory on VŠCHT in Prague, where we then receive quality certificate for all strains, which we provide to all orders.


Contacts for Wholesale 

NEMEC WORLD s.r.o., Address: Horňátecká 483/8, Kobylisy 182 00, Praha 8
IČO: 10705961 DIČ: CZ10705961
Ing. Jan Němec - - +420 602 279 525

Jaroslav Němec - - +420 775 992 530

What is Kratom? 

Kratom or Mitragyna speciosa, is an evergreen tropical tree, its relatives are, for example, the coffee tree, the cinchona tree or the sedge growing in our country. Currently, the most used part of the plant is its leaves, fresh or processed by various drying and fermentation processes. The area of natural occurrence is the countries of Southeast Asia - Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and others.

Is Kratom Legal? 

YES IT IS. However, it has its "BUT". In the Czech Republic, according to the legislation of the Czech Republic, kratom is not an approved nutritional supplement or food and is therefore only a botanical item. So you can buy it, but purely for botanical purposes. Kratom is completely banned only in Australia, Burma, Vietnam and Malaysia. In 1943, the cultivation of kratom was also banned in Thailand. It was re-legalized only in 2013. Until then, it was the second most consumed illegal drug here. In late January/February 2017, kratom was also banned by the DEA in some US states.

„You can buy kratom, but only for botanical use.“

If the product will be sold as "not intended for human consumption", it is not necessary to apply for approval from the Ministry of Agriculture. When selling, it is therefore necessary to take the above into account, e.g. in text (the product is not intended for human consumption. The product is only intended for educational/research purposes). Or list other non-food uses.


Are you interested in expanding the offer of your e-shop, store with our goods? Then we are here just for you.We are a direct importer and distributor from Southeast Asia. You can buy our certified kratom at very attractive wholesale prices, with delivery time within a few days (2-4 business days). We offer first-class quality and an individual approach.

Why buy from us? 

  • Our own warehouse, top service, wide portfolio
  • We regularly replenish stocks, we always have the most popular types in stock
  • We do not hide stock levels, we pay attention to a personal approach and we always try to accommodate as much as possible
  • We deal with any complaints as quickly as possible

    Custom packaging 

    Don't want to worry about difficult packaging/encapsulation? We will solve everything for you. Upon mutual agreement, we will package your kratom according to your wishes. You can choose from hundreds of different package design options:


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