Acerola, Natural Vitamin C

February 01, 2023

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Acerola , also known as Malpighia glabra or Barbados cherry, is a plant grown primarily for its wonderful fruits, which are considered to be one of the richest natural sources of vitamin C.

What does acerola look like and where does it grow?

Acerola is native to the Caribbean island of Barbados.

Today the plant can be found throughout the Caribbean, Central and South America, Southeast Asia, Australia and Africa. The fruits resemble cherries, are round and up to 3 cm in size with a shiny red skin. Acerola 's main contribution was discovered in 1945.

It effectively helps with:

-Support of the immune system

-Improvement of skin, mucous membranes and hair

-Reduce cholesterol levels

-improving eyesight

-Accelerate and improve metabolism

- Prevention of cancer

-Prevention of cardiovascular diseases

-Promotion of mental health

Vitamin E , which is also found in acerola , has the main task, which is to protect cells from oxidative stress that occurs during metabolism, ie it helps the body to break down free radicals .


Did you know that...

Acerola has a pleasant taste ...

It's acidic, fragrant, sweet and a little astringent ...

It is used in modern medicine as well as in folk medicine ...

Acerola is one of the richest sources of vitamin C

Higher doses of vitamin C can speed up production of the protein that stops viruses from multiplying (interferon), boost the immune system, and stop cancer cells from growing.

You are unlikely to find fresh acerola in the Czech Republic as it is perishable and sold in the form of juices or supplements.

Acerola in the form of dried powder is very popular. It is made from dehydrated acerola juice . The powder is z. B. added to drinks, juices and smoothies.

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In summary, acerola is an ideal candidate for those who want to go the natural route and reap a range of additional benefits. But even if you opt for the synthetic variant of vitamin C, you won't go wrong, because you support your body and not only strengthen it in the winter months.

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Check out the video below for even more information about this amazing ingredient.