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Welcome to our online kratom farm. We carefully select only the best kratom for you. Directly from Western Kalimantan and of course from the Czech Republic.

In our rich offer you can find all basic colors of Kratom: GREEN ,WHITE , RED , and also GOLD . And the new one we also offer as the only kratom supplemented by the spray method is dried extract from the fruit. For the real collectors we also have crushed leaves here.

If you're a true Kratom lover, you're bound to like our merchandise. Simply select a Kratom of your choice here.

With us you have the security of only getting the best kratom. As the only company on the German market, we thoroughly test each batch using a chemical method certified by the University of Prague. Here we find out the exact percentage and amount of alkaloids.

Before packing, kratom is always thoroughly treated with UV radiation.

We hope that you will find everything you need with us and that you remain our satisfied customers. We wish you a nice walk through our kratom farm.

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