Ginger Shot - daily helper against illnesses

September 12, 2023

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Ginger Shot - daily helper against illnesses

A shot glass-sized drink containing concentrated ginger juice.

Ginger has a preventive effect against colds, prevents inflammation in the body, strengthens immunity and improves heart function.

The use is individual, but the recommended dose is 50 ml 1-3 times a day. It should be noted that the power of ginger can have an aggressive effect on the stomach.

A popular combination is adding ginger shot to a soft drink or favorite tea.

It is also possible to drink the shot alone.

For use during pregnancy, the dosage must be adjusted; drinking pure Ginger Shot is not recommended, but has a good effect on nausea.


Concentrate consisting of 57% ginger juice. Supports immunity, vitality and overall health.

Turmeric relieves emotional tension and depression.


Ginger was first cultivated in China, where it was used as a delicious and popular spice.

In the Bohemian countries it began to be mixed with exotic curry. Ginger was used to flavor and cure various diseases.

The pungent taste of ginger is due to the gingerols , which have extensive medicinal properties. It also contains essential oils, vitamins A, B, C, E and minerals .


It has a positive effect on the normal function of the skin, healthy digestion and the normal condition of joints and bones.

For healthy digestion and normal liver function, you can try turmeric with black pepper.

It contributes to maintaining the normal condition of the joints, mobility, cartilage and tissue strength. It also promotes the health of our bones.

It helps maintain mental balance and supports the proper functioning of the circulatory system and healthy heart function.

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