Stem and vein kratom: Try an alternative that may be more beneficial to you

March 15, 2024

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Stem and vein kratom. This new thing is sure to excite everyone. The article explains the difference between classic kratom and stem and vein kratom. It gives information about its advantages for collectors and also some reasons why collect stem and vein kratom and why it might be more suitable for your collection.

Stem and vein kratom is an unusual type of kratom that has found its place in the herbal supplement community. Unlike traditional powdered kratom extracted from the leaves, stem and vein kratom contains other parts of the plant that offer a unique and distinct set of benefits.

Stem and vein kratom is made from the stems and veins of the plant Mitragyna speciosa, with the exception of the leaves, which are usually used in common kratom products. These stems and veins contain different alkaloid profiles than the leaves, which may result in alternative effects and potential benefits.(1)(4)

Composition of stem and vein alkaloids

Kratom leaves contain a number of alkaloids, including mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine. The alkaloid composition of stem and vein kratom can differ, resulting in a unique user experience. A study conducted by scientists at the University of Florida found that stem and vein samples contained a unique combination of alkaloids, suggesting a different chemical composition from that of the leaves.

The most important advantage of Stem and Vein kratom is that it contains a different spectrum of alkaloids, which may be a step towards reducing tolerance from classic kratom. Compared to classic kratom, Stem and Vein has a lower percentage of alkaloids and because of this, a less intense effect is guaranteed.

Research published in the Journal of Natural Products studied the variety of alkaloids in different parts of Mitragyna speciosa and suggested that the stems and veins may contain different concentrations of these compounds. (1)(2)(3)

Is stem and vein kratom worth trying?

Stem and vein kratom may not be the first product on your list, but it is worth a try. If your body is tolerant to the already known kratom, you should definitely try collecting stem and vein kratom. It is believed that the stems and veins of this herb contain alkaloids that are not present even in the leaves. Some of these alkaloids include mitraphylline, rhynchophylline and corynanthine. These alkaloids are mainly known to increase body strength and also boost the immune system. They also mainly help overcome dizziness and hypertension because of the high concentrations of these alkaloids; the stems and veins of the plant act as antidepressants by affecting the serotonin receptors in the brain. 

  1. It can restore your tolerance level

If you have been taking kratom for many years, chances are it no longer works the way it used to. This is because over time, kratom users will eventually build up a tolerance to it. Just like coffee; over time, the caffeine stops giving you energy. Scientific research on kratom tolerance is limited, but some studies, including a review in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, suggest that rotating different strains of kratom could mitigate the development of tolerance. Stem and vein kratom with a different alkaloid profile could help with this problem.(3)

  1. It provides a variety of effects

A comprehensive analysis published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology suggests that chemical interactions between different kratom alkaloids contribute to the overall effects. With its unique composition, stem and vein kratom can offer a different set of interactions, resulting in a differentiated experience. Some users report a unique combination of stimulation and relaxation after collecting classic kratom, while the effects of stem and vein kratom can vary from person to person. It is important to note that individual reactions to kratom can be subjective and influenced by factors such as the amount of collection, tolerance, and personal biochemistry.(4)(3)

  1. Positive impact on immunity

Another benefit of collecting stem and vein kratom is that proper collection can boost your immune system, allowing your body to be strong enough to fight infections. The stem and vein part of kratom is rich in fibre and high in alkaloids such as mitraphylline, which help keep you healthy as they are anti-inflammatory.

  1. It provides a longer duration of collection effects

Are you worried about the effects diminishing after a few hours of kratom collection? The collection effects induced by stem and vein kratom sustain your energy levels higher than the effects induced by regular kratom leaves. Stem and vein kratom has about half as much the duration of desirable collection effects compared to regular kratom powder.(4)(2)

  1. Away with depression

The stems and veins of the plant are also used by collectors as an antidepressant. It is known to put collectors in a better mood after collection because the herb contains a substance known as epicatechin, which is found in dark chocolate. The plant is also said to work as a botanical miracle to help control hunger. In an animal study, researchers found that Mitragyna speciosa reduced corticosterone levels in mice. Elevated corticosterone levels are associated with depression.(1)(4)

  1. It helps with concentration

When you collect stem and vein kratom, acetylcholine is released. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that helps with concentration and pain reduction, muscle contractions and endocrine control. Acetylcholine is reported to enhance memory and concentration by increasing the ability of cortical circuits to respond to sensory stimuli. These results are beneficial for students who want to concentrate while studying and at the same time recall things they have learned long ago. (1)

How much to collect when you first experience stem and vein kratom?

The appropriate collection of stem and vein kratom depends on individual tolerance and desired effects. It is generally recommended to start collecting smaller amounts of around 2 g of stem and vein kratom, especially if you are just starting out. Collecting stem and vein kratom with other strains can increase their collection enjoyment, reduce tolerance, and provide a more balanced experience. We offer stem and vein kratom, as well as traditional kratom products.(1)(2)

kraton stem and vein kratom expert

[“People use this supplement as an energy boost to help with anxiety and even pain relief, and the spectrum of what they use it for or how they use it is based on the dose and the amount they take,” says Dr Morrison. “But it is not a drug. It is a herbaceous plant.”](5)



Stem and vein kratom offers a distinctive approach to harnessing the potential benefits of the kratom plant. Whether you are exploring alternatives to traditional kratom strains or looking for a way to lower your tolerance, stem and vein kratom might be worth considering. As with any kratom product, it is essential to proceed with caution when collecting it, starting with smaller amounts and paying attention to the individual collector’s reactions. If you are constantly depressed or exhausted due to the demands of everyday life, stem and vein kratom will aid in bringing contentment and harmony and a sense of balance to all collectors.

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