Ginger Shot


It's important to be prepared before you hit the road. Introducing our shots - each one worth taking with you as you embark on your health journey! Let us convince you and take a shot! Cheers!

All of our Shots have ginger as a key ingredient that is known for its health benefits. This powerful spicy ingredient not only supports the immune system, but also helps to soothe indigestion, provide energy and has antibacterial properties. In addition, all of our Shots contain at least 8% coconut water, which not only contributes to hydration, but also supports optimal body function, provides nutrients for a healthy and refreshing performance, and like ginger, has antibacterial properties. Each Ginger Shot has a volume of 50 ml, delivering an intense ginger experience in every dose.

Fit Shot: An explosion of flavor and vibrant energy - we're coming up with our new fortified Ginger Shot. With a combination of fresh ginger, delicious honey, refreshing apple juice and juicy lemon, our Ginger Shot not only provides invigorating energy, but also promotes pain resistance and boosts immunity. Get ready for an intense taste experience and energize your body with every sip of Ginger Shot! Ingredients: organic apple juice 40%, ginger juice 30%, honey 15%, lemon juice 8%, coconut water 7%

A Shot of Energy: Thanks to him, our Shot not only provides energy, but also helps overcome pain and strengthens immunity. Ingredients: ginger juice 54%, lemon juice 8%, honey 15%, pineapple juice 15%, coconut water 8%

Shot of life: this shot is an indispensable ally in the fight for good fitness: a great figure and a strong body. Whether you need support in the fight against weight gain or a general strengthening of the body - turmeric and cayenne pepper are ideal candidates. For your overall health - their combined anti-cancer effects cannot be ignored! Ingredients: ginger juice 56%, honey 15%, lemon juice 12%, coconut water 8%, turmeric juice 7%, cayenne pepper 2%

A shot of health: it's what started it all. He is the foundation of our flavor variations. When we learned about its capabilities, we knew it was the one: it takes care of your health, motivates and energizes you, and helps you lose weight. Ingredients: ginger juice 57%, honey 20%, lemon juice 15%, coconut water 8%

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