Kratom Cubes Green Apple

Kratom cubes with 30mg mitragynine and in Green Apple/Blue Raspberry/Strawberry variant. The package contains 10/25 pieces, for a total of 300/750mg of mitragynine.

What is contained in Kratom Cubes?
Our kratom cubes are a 100% natural product. We use only the highest quality and purest form of Kratom and put all natural ingredients in our Kratom Cubes.
Ingredients: Kratom extract (green apple - green kratom extract, blue raspberry - white kratom extract, strawberry - red kratom extract), pectin, corn syrup, sugar, citric acid, coconut oil, sunflower lecithin, sodium citrate, water, artificial flavors, artificial colors (5 and 2).

Internal use is solely at the risk of the potential user. The information provided herein is for general information purposes only and has been obtained from publicly available sources. Intended for industrial, technical and horticultural use. Not for direct consumption or smoking. This is a collector's product of purely herbal origin!


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