NMN - an anti-aging molecule

December 08, 2023

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Nicotinamide mononucleotide, abbreviated as NMN, is a molecule that is gaining increasing attention around the world of research and health, as it plays a vital role in metabolism and may have various potential benefits for human health. In this article, we will look at what NMN is, how it works, and its possible benefits.

What is NMN?

NMN is a compound belonging to the nucleotide family, which are the building blocks of nucleic acids, such as DNA and RNA. Specifically, it is a derivative of nicotinamide (vitamin B3), which is called Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), a coenzyme that plays a crucial role in the metabolic processes of cells.(1),(4)

How does NMN work?

NMN is commonly taken in a natural diet; it can be found, for example, in cheese, avocado, beef, broccoli or cabbage. However, it will never be as concentrated as when we take it through a dietary supplement, e.g., in the form of capsules.

Once NMN reaches cells, it is rapidly converted to NAD+, an important coenzyme that plays a crucial role in various biochemical processes, such as glucose oxidation, DNA repair and regulation of mitochondrial function.(4)

With age, the level of NAD+ in the body decreases, which may negatively impact energy metabolism and overall health. NMN could help raise NAD+ levels, thus potentially preventing the aging of cells and tissues in our body.(1),(7)

Potential benefits of NMN:

  1. Slows down aging:Scientists are investigating the potential impact of NMN on slowing down aging and prolonging life. Studies in mice have shown that NMN can improve energy metabolism, reduce inflammation and increase resistance to stress.
  2. Healthy heart:NMN can have a positive effect on the health of the heart by supporting cardiovascular function and reducing levels of harmful LDL cholesterol.
  3. Improves metabolic health:Some studies suggest that NMN can help regulate blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity.
  4. Improves mitochondrial function:NMN can contribute to better functioning of mitochondria, which act as the “power plants” of cells, and thus increase overall energy and vitality.
  5. Improves muscle function: Studies suggest that it can improve muscle function, endurance and physical fitness.
  6. Protects against neurodegenerative diseases:Some research suggests that NMN may protect the brain against neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease.(2),(3),(7),(8)

Who is NMN suitable for?

Human aging is individual, but it generally begins to manifest itself between approximately 35-40 years of age, therefore, it may be appropriate to start using NMN around the age of 35. However, even younger people will not make a mistake using it if they feel it could bring them the desired health benefits.(4),(7)

What does the research say?

David Sinclair Ph.D., a respected professor of genetics at Harvard University, is a pioneer in research into anti-aging compounds (such as NMN). He is the author of the book “The End of Aging” and has devoted most of his career to research in this field. Professor Sinclair, for example, says that “aging is a treatable disease”.Sinclair was also a guest in the Czech TV show Hyde Park Civilizace, where he discussed this topic in detail. You can watch the recording of the conversation here.(6),(3),(5)

David Sinclair Ph.D., Harvard professor of genetics


NMN is an interesting molecule that has the potential to improve health and slow down aging. However, it should be noted that research on the use of NMN is still at a relatively early stage, while many findings have so far been obtained from studies conducted in mice. Further clinical studies in humans are required to fully scientifically demonstrate the specific benefits and effects of NMN.(1)

However, it is already clear that there is a massive potential for the human body in this substance. You can see for yourself and buy quality NMN here (link) in our e-shop.

It should be added that the supplement does not serve as a substitute for a varied diet and you should never exceed the recommended daily dose (1g once a day, together with food).(3) At the same time, before any use of NMN or other supplements, it is always important to consult your doctor, especially if you have existing health problems or are taking any medication.

If you are interested in including NMN among your dietary supplements, we offer high-quality NMN.

Thank you for reading, we hope you liked the article and learned something new again,

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