Chlorella, or Green Superfood with many health benefits

December 08, 2023

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Chlorella, a microscopic green algae, is known as a green superfood with many amazing health benefits. This article will provide you with a look at Chlorella’s origins, history and also its scientifically proven effects. Find out why you should add this superfood to your diet and how to use it in your daily life.

Origin and history of Chlorella

Chlorella, whose name is derived from the Greek word “chloros”, meaning green, is a freshwater algae that probably existed on Earth two billion years ago. It was first discovered in history by the Dutch microbiologist Martinus Willem Beijerinck in 1890. Since then, it has become an essential part of nutrition and health research.(4)

Thanks to the ability of microorganisms found in this fantastic algae to prevent various diseases (e.g. viral infections, heart diseases, cancer) or contribute to their treatment, Chlorella is gaining the attention of an increasing number of scientists as well as the general public. For more information on scientific findings, see the diploma thesis by Ing. Silvie Valouškovášková_2009_dp.pdf?sequence=1.(3)(4)

Effects and health benefits

1. Detoxification

Chlorella is known for its ability to detoxify the body. It contains a high amount of chlorophyll, which helps excrete harmful substances such as heavy metals from the body. According to Professor Jane Teas from Harvard University Medical School, “Chlorella has been studied for its ability to bind and remove heavy metals, which can be beneficial to people exposed to polluted environments.”(1)(3)

2. Immune system

Chlorella is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which has a positive effect on the immune system.

3. Nutritive values

This superfood is also rich in protein, iron and other vital nutrients. Dr. Mark Hyman, a physician specialising in functional medicine, says: “Chlorella contains all the essential amino acids and is one of the best plant sources of protein.”(1)

Recipes and instructions for use

Chlorella can be consumed in various forms, including powder, pills or liquid. Here, we have prepared three easy ways to start integrating Chlorella into your diet:

1. Chlorella Smoothie

1 tsp of Chlorella Powder
Almond milk

Mix all the ingredients in a mixer to make a healthy and nutritious smoothie.(2)

2. Chlorella Salad Dressing

1 tsp Chlorella Powder
Olive oil
Lemon juice
Salt and pepper

Mix ingredients and use as dressing for your favourite salad.(2)

3. Chlorella Capsules

If you prefer an easier way, Chlorella can be purchased in capsule form and taken as recommended on the packaging.

Quotes by experts

“Chlorella has been studied for its ability to bind and remove heavy metals, which can be beneficial for people exposed to polluted environments.” - Professor Jane Teas, Harvard University.

“Chlorella contains all the essential amino acids and is one of the best plant sources of protein.” - Dr. Mark Hyman, a physician specialising in functional medicine.

Dr. Brenda Watson, nutritionist, notes: “Chlorella promotes the production of white blood cells and increases the body’s resistance to infections.”(1)(3)

The conclusion is, therefore, clear. Chlorella should definitely be in the diet of each of us if we want our body to be healthy and have some prevention at the same time. I hope that you enjoyed the article and learned what you needed. There is just one last step missing to do something for your health and the health of your loved ones! :)

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