Extra Joss Indonesian energy drink

Extra Joss is an Indonesian energy drink that stimulates brain function and physical activity. Extra Joss is in powder form, so simply pour the contents into a glass and mix with water.

Ingredients : 35 mg Korean ginseng extract, 2 mg royal jelly, 1000 mg taurine, 50 mg caffeine, 3 mg vitamin B2, 16 mg vitamin B3, 5 mg vitamin B5, 1.5 mg vitamin B6, 100 μg vitamin B9, 1 μg vitamin B12
It also contains acidity regulators (E330, E500), sweeteners (E950, E951) and natural flavors.

Recommended dosage : 1-2 sachets per day, 1 sachet per dose. Weight of 1 serving: 4g
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